New Generation of Wafer Inspection System Wi8i G2 is here!

As mentioned in the August issue, we will bring you a sneak peek of the product breakthrough - New Generation of Wafer Vision Inspection Solution Wi8i G2!

Posted on October 20, 2020
wafer inspection system
Wi8i G2

Meanwhile, we are bringing two new technology breakthroughs to complement your existing process: Bottom Surface Inspection and Infrared (IR) Inspection Solution. With these robust technology breakthroughs, your production process can focus on the quality of the device and let the machines do the inspection work. There is so much to talk about the new generation of Wi8i G2! Read more and get in touch with our experts for more insights about the Wi8i G2, ViTrox Vision Solutions and services.

As the complexity of the photolithography process increases, the sources of defects are even more diversified, and the demand for defect identification is rising exponentially. The method of defect detection in a traditional manufacturing line mainly relies on human naked-eye detection. This approach imposes a higher risk of low efficiency, high false detection rate, and susceptibility to subjective factors which is no longer suitable for the needs of modern industrial production. With the evolution of computer and image processing technology, Machine Vision inspection technology is widely used in various fields, including wafer inspection.

Wi8i G2 Wafer Vision Inspection Solution

The Wi8i G2 Wafer Vision Inspection Handler is the latest advanced solution designed for 2D surface defect inspections and metrology. Wi8i G2 features multiple handling mechanisms to support various wafer forms including raw wafer, hoop ring, and framed wafer range from 100mm (4”) to 300mm (12”). It can replace conventional human manual visual inspection while providing inspection result data analysis and maintaining consistent, repeatable and reproducibility inspection results.

Besides, it complements the existing process which has limited inspection capability with the latest product feature breakthrough such as the bottom surface inspection and Infrared (IR) inspection solution. The bottom surface inspection is one of the Wi8i G2’s new technology. It enables the user to inspect sawline and crack inspection through the wafer frame tape. With this new technology, the user can perform backside/bottom inspection for raw wafer under current defect capability at approximately 200μm gross defect. Also, it performs backside/Bottom Inspection on frame wafer through tape inspection under current chipping captured at >15μm.

The IR Inspection solution is designed to inspect inner defects such as inner crack, component missing, delamination, chip-off & etc. within the device, which is unachievable by using standard solutions. This technology allows users to penetrate the silicon layer to inspect for inner layer defects.

wafer inspection smart scope swir
figure 1

Here is a comparison of the Smart Scope Measurement Image and ViTrox SWIR Vision Image. ViTrox SWIR Vision Image in figure 1 clearly illustrates that Wi8i G2 is able to capture side crack caused by dicing with its breakthrough technologies - the bottom surface inspection and the IR inspection solution. This inspection is critical in filtering dies with backside edge crack which resemble chipping that will cause die malfunction.

With the new launch of Wi8i G2, it greatly reduces manufacturing downtime and human handling which improve the accuracy of the inspection results while maximizing production efficiency. Meanwhile, the users can customize and upgrade their inspection algorithm to fit future inspection needs and maximize production throughput and yield.

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