Flexibility to Support Various Types of Packages

This will greatly impact the cost incurred as well as require a longer lead time to complete multiple inspections.

Posted on Jun 2, 2022

Nowadays, the requirement for the packaging line is getting more stringent. The Back-end semiconductor industry requires different types of vision inspection to ensure high-quality products, which results in manufacturers having to purchase multiple inspection systems to fulfill the production need. This will greatly impact the cost incurred as well as require a longer lead time to complete multiple inspections. Hence, we would like to introduce you to ViTrox’s VR20i Post Seal Vision Handler to resolve this issue! VR20i Post Seal Vision Handler is a vision inspection system capable of containing up to four vision stations to perform multiple inspections.

Introducing the VR20i Series with Multiple Vision Stations

VR20i is the latest semiconductor inspection system, having multiple vision cameras to aid in inspection. It is capable of running multiple vision stations simultaneously. The multiple vision station function allows end-users to perform various inspections, such as tape seal inspection, mark inspection, package inspection, lead inspection, and bottom carrier tape inspection, within a single machine. Each vision station performs different inspections that cater to your requirement to ensure excellent production quality.

Tape Seal Inspection

  • Inspect tape seal and empty unit’s quality to ensure there is no broken/open seal or uneven seal.

Mark Inspection

  • Inspect marking’s quality on the unit to ensure there is no wrong orientation, wrong/mixed mark, missing mark, or illegible mark.

Package Inspection

  • Inspect package surface quality to guarantee that there is no scratch or chip-off.

Lead Inspection

  • Inspect the lead quality of lead width, lead pitch, lead span, and no missing lead.

Bottom Carrier Tape Inspection

  • Inspect the carrier tape’s quality to verify there is no dent, protrude, or crack.

What are the benefits of the Multiple Vision Systems?

    1. Support Various Types of Packages

The multiple vision systems allow users to customize up to 4 types of inspections according to their inspection requirement. These vision stations are configurable and inspect various types of packages such as lead, leadless mold packages, WLCSP, MEM, etc. Therefore, operators do not have to keep conversion the camera during the inspection process. Users are allowed to upgrade or add on the vision station in the future to perform inspections for different packages.

    2. Enhance Productivity At A Lower Cost

It takes a longer process time and human error may happen if the operator manually identifies the defective unit hence VR20i multiple inspection system is able to replace the human visual inspection which also helps in reducing the labour cost. In a nutshell, users can enhance the production's efficiency and productivity in a shorter period of time at a lower cost by investing in automation. Despite VR20i being equipped with multiple vision stations, it is still capable of achieving a high-speed inspection.

    3. Reduce Machine Setup Time

Each vision station functions independently where the machine performs the inspection for different packages at the same time. For example, leadless devices require tape seal inspection, mark inspection, and package inspection while lead devices require additional lead inspection. Both packages can undergo inspection at their respective vision stations by recipe control without any conversion within one machine. It greatly reduces the machine's set-up or conversion time and users' effort.

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