Boost Your Manufacturing Process with The Revolutionary V-ONE® 4.0

The intelligent control tower provides users with a real-time data analysis to monitor the performance of multiple production lines.

Posted on Jun 22, 2022

Boost Your Manufacturing Process with The Revolutionary V-ONE® 4.0

V-ONE® is a revolutionary Smart Manufacturing Solution that ensures our global customers the most outstanding quality, dependability, and traceability in the production line. With its digital dynamic feature, you can get real-time data analytics through data analysis, status monitoring, alert plan feature, ticketing for maintenance purposes and a fully configurable dashboard.

Our V-ONE® 4.0 now includes more extensive and innovative capabilities to offer real-time production process insights and data analysis with image traceability across ViTrox SMT inspection solutions. The new and improved capabilities enable customers to accomplish a strategic approach to overseeing the production process, making it a perfect choice for a Smart Factory.

Process Optimization with Intelligent Control Tower for AOI

The intelligent control tower provides users with a real-time data analysis to monitor the performance of multiple production lines. The system offers an in-house built production impact calculation generated based on the combination of false call trend, production board run quantity, shift time and model changed, to provide the best sorting for users to fine tune the most critical issue among all machines. This is a new high-efficiency strategic approach for users to track and monitor the results after fine-tuning. This unique feature allows users to monitor machine performance easily and take immediate action, ensure efficient production and reduce false alarms. Ultimately, users can achieve the best Return on Investment (ROI) through the shortest lead time to reduce false call rates among multiple production lines.

Process Integration with The New ONE View Feature

Introducing our newly in-house developed ONE View feature allows users to access all inspected results from the entire process by linking SPI, AOI, AXI and eventually V9i data together. Users can monitor machine performance easily and perform process analysis of defective components by cross-referencing results side-by-side on real time basis. With the real time defect analysis, users can identify the root cause by cross-referencing process data and images through the ONE View feature. This enables users the ability to detect the root cause in the early stage of the inspection, which will significantly boost production yield. Thus, these unique capabilities have brought superior closed-loop ONE View image traceability and quality assurance to our customers across all inspection machines in the SMT line.

The overall concept of ONE View feature generates necessary good images in real-time in multiple previous processes of the machines.

Asset Management with Machine Status Monitoring and Preventive Maintenance Capabilities

Another great feature that V-ONE offers is monitoring your machine utilisation and line productivity. Users can easily monitor machine utilisation and line productivity through a real-time machine status monitoring dashboard to manage the assets and improve the overall equipment efficiency. Furthermore, this feature also allows users to monitor the condition of the machine hardware for early signs of wear and tear. You will gain more flexibility to plan for early maintenance through early prevention, significantly reducing machine downtime and eventually increasing your saving on machine services and upkeep.

It is time to consider weaving a "digital thread" into your processes, goods, and services to achieve a true digital transformation and create the new customer experience that businesses are striving for.

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