No More Sending Another Defect From Your Production!

It is essential to detect every device swiftly and reliably to prevent escapees before your devices are shipped as the final product to your customer.

Posted on Mar 7, 2022

Are you still having operators manually identify the defective units? Results have proven that manual identifying the defective devices by operators produce inconsistent outcomes and requires longer operation time.

It is essential to detect every device swiftly and reliably to prevent escapees before your devices are shipped as the final product to your customer. However, production speed and multitudes of processes made it challenging for operators to capture and identify the defect devices accurately.

Look no further, ViTrox offers the industrial solution VR20i Post Seal Inspection Vision Handler Series and its cutting-edge technology and features to minimise your worries. VR20i auto reject labelling feature automates your production to fulfil quality inspection on all your devices.

What is Auto Reject Labelling?

VR20i series in-house Auto Reject Labelling Process

Auto reject labelling feature allows you to automate the process to identify the rejected device location after the vision inspection by placing a highly customized round shape sticker label on top of the defective device cover tape. These defective devices are marked for further corrective action.

The machines on the current market still rely on operators to mark manually when identifying defective devices. Our automated module mechanism offers the capability to perform defect identification and labelling without human dependency. This automation feature is undoubtedly excellent for manageability and convenience in quality control.

The final product, which is inspected as good devices, will be shipped to the next process/customer, therefore the sticker labellings are vital to be easy to remove and tear off from the cover tape. The sticker labellings are custom made with polyethene terephthalate (PET) material which can be removed from the cover tape without glue residue remaining.

Auto Reject Labelling feature brings more benefits than you could think of:

1. Quality Consistency

Using a state-of-the-art approach to perform quality inspection, auto reject labelling feature prevents escapees from the inspection and accidentally being shipped as the final product for the next process/customer. Therefore, the solution is capable of achieving 100% good devices after the post seal inspection and having the rejected devices reworked.

2. Improve Process Efficiency

When defective devices are identified by auto reject labelling feature, the operator can accurately identify its actual location for further correction/action.

3. Reduce Machine Downtime

Auto reject labelling feature transforms the production process with automation which allows the machine to operate the functions continuously without stoppages when the defect was identified. This feature significantly enhances the production process by adding the benefits to prevent manual operation/ identification from the operator.

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