Improve the productivity by up to 50% With Minimal Cost

Through process optimization, it helps to improve manufacturing efficiency and ultimately enhances productivity.

Posted on May 9, 2022

Nowadays, it is essential to ensure a smooth machine operation and high-speed production in a precise manufacturing environment. Through process optimization, it helps to improve manufacturing efficiency and ultimately enhances productivity. As the requirements for achieving efficient production are getting higher, single track post seal vision handlers' performance may not be able to fulfill the industry standard.

What is Dual Track Feature and How Does the Dual Track Design Work?

Most post seal vision inspection handlers available in the market come with single track design, which delivers low throughput due to the rewinding process. However, ViTrox’s VR20i Post Seal Vision Handler series comprises two separate tracks, which allow one machine operates two reels simultaneously. When the first track’s inspection process is completed, the carrier tape in the second track will be inspected immediately with the camera module relocation without involving the rewinding process.

The Dual Track design brings you the benefits below:-

1. Increase Production Throughput

The dual track design reduces the machine's idle time or rewind time. The devices are being forwarded through the first track while the inspection is performed through the second track. Therefore, users achieve higher throughput with one dual track post seal vision handler if compared with single track post seal vision handler. The productivity can be enhanced by up to 50%, especially for the small pocket pitch products.

2. Optimise Inspection Process

Dual track design allows two reels to operate simultaneously. It utilises the rewinding time for the second track’s inspection. It helps to reduce the waiting time of the operators significantly. By improving production efficiency, users greatly reduce the operation time and costs.

3. Improve Return of Investment (ROI)

The dual track design of VR20i series requires only ONE set camera to perform vision inspection. Having said that, the camera can be used between the first and second tracks. When the inspection process for the reel in the first track is completed, the camera will be relocated to the second track for inspection immediately. Therefore, users achieve higher productivity with minimal cost.

Sounds interesting? There are still many more key advantages of VR20i series. We have over 50 types of ready vision inspection solutions to resolve your challenges and meet the requirements of emerging industries.

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