ONE View – A Feature You Need for Seamless Process Integration!

Elevate your manufacturing process with ViTrox's Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Intelligence Solution – V-ONE, designed to optimize your manufacturing processes with advanced features. Check out ONE View - a game-changing feature to take your SMT PCBA manufacturing to the next level using smart manufacturing!

Posted on May 5, 2023

Looking to stay ahead of your competitors while reducing costs and guaranteeing quality in your manufacturing process?

Interested in how Industry 4.0 technology can revolutionise your business operations with the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)?

Look no further than ViTrox's Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions- V-ONE!

V-ONE is a BIG Data Analytics platform that provides real-time monitoring and analytics for optimised manufacturing processes. Keep reading to learn about ONE View, the revolutionary feature equipped with advanced 3D inspection solutions to provide closed-loop image traceability and real-time visualisation for unparalleled savings in time and cost!

What Is ONE View?

Introducing ONE View, the revolutionary feature integrated into V-ONE that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) to conduct seamless process monitoring. ONE View provides closed-loop image traceability across our advanced 3D inspection solutions, which are the V310i Advanced 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) Solutions, the V510i Advanced 3D Optical Inspection (AOI) Solutions, and the V810i Advanced 3D X-Ray Inspection (AXI) Solutions. The top three highlights of ONE View’s capabilities are as follows:

  1. Real-time Visualisation

    ONE View monitors the front processes of inspection and collects images from each solution to be displayed at the ViTrox Verification Tool Solution (VVTS) Station. Instead of waiting until the end of the production process, users can now be assisted by a Digital Twin to understand and analyse the occurrence of defects (including when and how they occurred) with real-time data collected from the previous front processes. Hence, operators will be able to visualise the entire production process in real-time!

  2. Easy Traceability

    ONE View leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide real-time and accurate monitoring of the SMT PCBA production process. It offers closed-loop image traceability across V-ONE's advanced 3D inspection solutions for SPI, AOI, and AXI. This technology helps manufacturers pinpoint defects early in the production process, streamline inspections, and trace the origin of defects to specific components or areas. With continuous process improvement, manufacturers can reduce scrap, minimise defects, and improve customer satisfaction.

  3. Efficient Buyoff Process

    Another benefit would be the increased buy-off confidence level. ONE View provides the assurance you need to make informed decisions and improve production yield. With IoT technology, ONE View can capture real-time data and component images throughout the entire production process, including SPI, AOI, and AXI inspections. This data can be cross-referenced to ensure compliance with quality standards and verify product specifications. ONE View's efficient buy-off process eliminates guesswork and reduces the risk of errors during the final stage of product manufacturing. Instead of relying on hefty, long-winded reports, and possibly duplicated entries – operators can now base their judgement on the tabulated information.

How Will ONE View Benefit Your SMT Production Line?

ONE View is a game-changing feature for SMT PCB assembly production, integrated into V-ONE to help users monitor and streamline the process seamlessly. ONE View employs innovative IoT technology and advanced 3D inspection solutions to enable closed-loop image traceability, making the inspection process not only accurate but also convenient for operators.

Here are some benefits you can get from using ONE View:

  1. Cost Savings in Human Labour and Time Spent on Operator Training:
    ONE View is designed with user-friendliness in mind, which means operators can learn and use it easily without needing extensive training. This feature saves valuable time and money on training and reduces the cost of labour in skills acquisition. This way, SMT PCB assembly users can achieve optimal efficiency without spending all of their resources on training.
  2. Achieve Higher Accuracy of Inspection Results:
    By offering real-time visualisation of the production process, ONE View helps users to detect and pinpoint defects early, before moving downstream. It helps users to maintain accuracy in the inspection process and prevent product waste from defective materials. Adopting ONE View means anticipating potential problems, reducing the total cost of quality in the manufacturing process, and preventing customers from receiving a sub-par or faulty product.
  3. Achieve Higher Yield in the Manufacturing Process:
    ONE View optimises the workflow of the SMT PCB assembly production process using advanced 3D inspection solutions, resulting in increased efficiency, higher productivity and yield improvement. With ONE View, users can monitor and control the production process, starting from anywhere, and identify design changes quickly. This feature helps engineers to resolve issues in real-time, aided by information provided in ONE View. Users can respond to defects promptly and make necessary adjustments to continually improve product quality. By enhancing the manufacturing process's efficiency, ONE View guarantees time and cost savings on the reworking of defective products, achieving optimum productivity and yield improvement for operators.

Key Takeaway

By linking SPI, AOI, and AXI data together, ONE View allows users to access all inspected results from the entire process. Users can cross-reference results side-by-side on a real-time basis and perform process analysis of defective components. With the ability to identify the root cause of defects in the early stages of the inspection process, ONE View brings superior closed-loop image traceability and quality assurance to our customers across all inspection machines in the SMT line.

If you are interested in learning more about V-ONE, feel free to explore our website Do you want to experience the powers of V-ONE? Feel free to reach out to! Our team is ready to answer your questions and help you revolutionise your production process with the power of IoT and big data analytics.