Purpose & Vision

vision & mission


To contribute to the advancement of society & wellbeing of humankind through compassionate innovation.

The Purpose statement of ViTrox reflects the soul of the company. It is the embodiment of our spirit and energy for our existence. We strive to achieve sustainable growth and profitability in our business yet we are mindful not to be overly attached to the material gains. We want to contribute back to the society that we are part of the force for good to shape this world into a harmonious and peaceful world for everyone.

This is achieved through compassionate innovation, which entails the spirit of love, care, empathy, and altruism. The innovations that we create through research and development shall bring about advancement and breakthroughs in technology that create leading-edge solutions for humankind.


Be the world’s most trusted technology company.

We aspire to be trusted by all our stakeholders — customers, employees, suppliers, investors, and the community, by practising and upholding our I.A.C.T.G core values. We intend to earn and maintain a high level of trust with the altruistic spirit in our relationship with them.

By consistently delivering what we promise, they see ViTrox as the most credible and reliable company to work with. We conduct our business with uncompromised integrity and with the utmost respect for our stakeholders so that they feel comfortable and confident in our relationships.