Press Release

14th May 2024 - ViTrox Collaborates with EAMAX to Showcase Cutting-Edge Technologies at Metaltech and Automex 2024

PENANG, MALAYSIA - MAY 2024 ViTrox, which aims to be the World’s Most Trusted Technology Company, is proud to announce a collaboration with EA Max Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (System Integrator) to participate in this year’s Metaltech and Automex 2024 at Hall 7, Level 2, Booth #7006, in Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC) from 15 to 18 May 2024.

During the event, we will feature the Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions (V-ONE) product series, highlighting groundbreaking offerings like V-ONE Mars and V-ONE DIMo. Additionally, we will showcase Integrated Industrial Embedded solutions, including VisionXpert, VICAT Series, VINET IO, ViLIGHT, and VIMO. But there's more! ViTrox technical experts will conduct live product demos, delving into each product's functionalities to ensure visitors gain a comprehensive understanding of how these innovations can transform the industry.

V-ONE Mars simplifies industrial data acquisition with its user-friendly interface. It offers easy setup and automation through drag-and-drop logic, streamlining sensor data preprocessing. Compatible with multiple protocols, it efficiently collects data and uploads it to the V-ONE AloT Cloud for centralised storage and visualisation.

V-ONE DIMo revolutionises manufacturing with workflow optimisation (Job Intelligence), and cost inefficiency identification (Cost Intelligence). This system merges hardware such as a 15.6” touchscreen, thermal printer, barcode reader and an optional facial recognition camera with software functionalities like job distribution, real-time production tracking, and data input classification. Through seamless integration, users can streamline operations, make informed decisions, and achieve greater efficiency and profitability in manufacturing.

ViTrox's revolutionary VisionXpert Smart Code Reader takes industrial automation to the next level. Packed with advanced smart reading tech like deep learning and AI auto-tuning, VisionXpert tackles even challenging codes with superior accuracy and efficiency, streamlining your production processes.

ViCAT streamlines industrial automation with easy push-in connectors for both I/O and power. This innovative solution reduces complex wiring and boasts a robust design for fast, snap-on mounting directly onto DIN rails. ViCAT simplifies connections right at the signal source.

ViNET IO simplifies industrial control with a distributed network. The PCI-based master controller connects up to 64 I/O and motion modules via standard Ethernet cables, offering configurable speeds up to 20Mbps. This scalable solution provides flexibility for diverse industrial applications.

ViLIGHT is a next-generation light source controller series designed for superior performance in advanced vision systems. These units offer user-controlled light intensity with impressive triggering speeds up to 1.5kHz. Operating in a current-controlled mode, ViLIGHT allows for precise light output configuration through the user-friendly VT-LSC Configurator interface. This empowers users to tailor operating modes, current levels, channel groupings, and more, ensuring optimal lighting conditions for their vision system needs.

ViMO delivers high-performance control for industrial motion needs. These DSP-based stepper drivers handle both 2-phase and 4-phase motors. ViPRO-DRIVE software offers advanced features like a motion oscilloscope for signal monitoring, idle scaling customisation, and fine-tuning motor parameters for specific applications. Compact, cost-effective, and versatile, ViMO stepper drivers are a powerful solution for diverse industrial tasks.

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