Press Release

30th August 2023 - ViTrox names Wee Kah Khim as CEO of Board Inspection and Embedded Solutions

PENANG, MALAYSIA - AUGUST 2023 - ViTrox is pleased to announce the appointment of executive vice president Wee Kah Khim as the senior executive vice president and CEO of Board Inspection and Embedded Solutions (BIE), effective from 1 August 2023.

The move is intended to strengthen ViTrox’s competitiveness as Mr Wee leverages his strong technical and business experience in overseeing two business units, namely Automated Board Inspection (ABI) and Electronics Communication System (ECS).

“My immediate priority is to leverage the global reach of the ABI sales team to grow our embedded solutions beyond the local market,” said Mr Wee. “I have started to leverage ABI teams of R&D, business development and technical support for ECS in order to get them up to speed in growing the new business and to support the sales of the expanded product portfolio.”

Mr Wee further stated, “At this juncture, ABI has offered a comprehensive product portfolio for surface-mount technology (SMT) inspection solutions supported by our V-ONE Industry 4.0 solution. As we embark with full steam on our AI solutions offering, such as AI programming, AI auto fine-tuning, AI buy-off assistance, AI classification and AI process insight, we will also be venturing into new software and product release in the next 12 months that allow customers to be one step closer in realising the lights-out manufacturing environment. As of today, ViTrox’s solution has been well received by a wide range of customers with encouraging return on investment.”

President and Group CEO Chu Jenn Weng commented, “We extend our warmest congratulations to Wee Kah Khim on his elevation to the position of CEO at ABI & ECS. His exceptional leadership, industrial knowledge and dedication, coupled with his commitment to our I.A.C.T.G. (Integrity, Accountability, Courage, Trust & Respect, Gratitude & Care) values have been integral to ABI's exceptional business performance over the past decade. As he takes on this new role, we are confident that his visionary guidance will usher in a new era of growth and innovation for BIE. Our best wishes for a fruitful and successful tenure as CEO.”

Mr Wee said, “I am excited about the new role as it will provide me with new exposure beyond board inspection. I would also like to take this opportunity to demonstrate my greatest gratitude towards the trust of the management team in me. I will provide my full dedication to growing BIE by practising our core values of I.A.C.T.G. and working hand in hand with the team.”

Prior to joining ViTrox, Mr Wee has over 16 years of experience in product planning and R&D in electrical and electronics, radio frequency, microwave, firmware and board inspection. He joined ViTrox in 2009 when the company expanded its business to ABI production and had been ViTrox’s executive vice president and chief business development officer responsible for the business unit of ABI. Mr Wee earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Hons) from Washington University in Saint Louis, USA.