Wi8i - The Wafer Vision Inspection Handler to Enhance User Experience and Increase Inspection and Process Efficiency

I Company is a leading Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) of semiconductor packaging and testing services for crucial components applied in optical communication devices.

Before this, I Company has been depending heavily on manual inspection before the sorting process. This procedure would risk the operator failing manually in e-map and leading to high chances of over/under rejection rate.

As the technologies developed and the demand for quality increased, I Company began searching for an automated solution to satisfy their requirements to increase inspection efficiency and process consistency. Through words of mouth, I Company learned that ViTrox provides the machine vision solution that they are searching for - Wi8i Wafer Vision Inspection Handler.

ViTrox Wi8i offers an advanced solution for 2D surface defect inspections and metrology. It features multiple handling mechanisms to support different wafer forms including raw wafer, hoop ring, and frame wafer range from 100 mm (4”) to 300 mm (12”). Wi8i Offline Verifier (OV) software offers real-time fail result validation by retrieving the marginal defect unit to maximize production yield. Wi8i replaces conventional human visual inspection and provides inspection customization to fit future inspection needs. Wi8i supports repeatability and reproducibility of inspection results.

After deliberate consideration, I Company adapted the ViTrox Wi8i for its production line. With the implementation, I Company process engineer can monitor process yield and optimize the recipe easily with live and saved images. Besides, Wi8i has increased the speed of I Company process by tripling the Units-Per-Hour (UPH) with only 1 process operator required. Apart from the significant benefits of Wi8i has brought to I Company, ViTrox’s well-trained engineers with strong field knowledge significantly help I Company to further improve the process capabilities.

“With reasonable pricing and partnership terms to satisfy customer’s needs, and well-trained engineers with strong field knowledge that can help customers to move further in industry, we strongly recommend ViTrox Wi8i Wafer Vision Inspection Handler for your production line.” commented by the Engineering Team of I Company.

For more information about ViTrox Wi8i Wafer Vision Inspection Handler, welcome to contact our sales expert, Ms. Kong Poh Mei via poh-mei.kong@vitrox.com or submit your enquiries on ViTrox Official website (or email: enquiry@vitrox.com).