| August 23, 2021 4:00-4:30 pm MYT

In conjunction with Trends and Technology Exchange Platforms at SEMICON Southeast Asia 2021, a 15-20 minutes video was conducted based on the topic shared by Gary with the legacy machines for the industry in semiconductor manufacturing particularly in the backend semiconductor, the Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT). The topic sharing is divided into three different sub-scene which are:

Scene 1: Machine Utilization and Overall Equipment Efficiency charts and dashboards

Scene 2: Command Center Cockpit for manufacturing asset management

Scene 3: Deep Learning (AI) Imaging Analytics for post review stations to reduce false calls and escapes on rule-based AVI

What will you learn from this webinar:

Our experts will introduce you to the Smart Manufacturing Solutions - V-ONE for the Legacy Machines and Automated Vision Inspections (AVI) in the Semiconductor Manufacturing industries through this sharing session.

Trends and Technology Exchange Platforms at SEMICON Southeast Asia 2021

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Passionate with learning and teaching personality in a Malaysian LLC (Local Large Corporation) with a combined 20 years of working experience in the electronics industry:
  • Ecosystem development & project management for Industry 4.0 with ViTrox's digital dashboard and AI analytics (V-ONE) worldwide.
  • Leadership role in global marketing for ViTrox's team in branding, digital marketing and industry 4.0 engagement.
  • Lead and mentor the Business Development team in leadership and management for Automated Board Inspection (ABI) Business Unit for Asia Pacific region.

With combined of 20 years' working experience in the various kind of industries such as Metal Fabrication, F&B, SMT, Administrative, Consultancy and Servicing Sector.
  • Experience of involvement in Administrative and Manufacturing related for SME companies, providing solution and support of company operation and process flow.
  • Experience by giving coach and guidance on various technology solutions, knowledge sharing, collaboration with partners
  • Focusing on future-proofing business operations through digital transformation and IoT related applications for industrial markets.

Software Engineering background with majoring in Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence

13 years experience in the Vision Inspection Industry:
  • 4 years in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Inspection Industry
  • 2 years in Automated X-Ray (PCA-AXI) Inspection Industry
  • 3 years in Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCA-AOI) Inspection Industry
  • 4 years in Smart Manufacturing Solutions with Artificial Intelligence