| April 3, 2020 2:00-3:00 pm MYT

What’s NEXT?

How to keep track and monitor your business during COVID-19? While the world hits pause, the journey of learning never stops. The good news is many organizations are digitally equipped to ensure business continuity. This is what business leaders are considering now. Get to know more on how V-ONE, Industry 4.0 smart solution can work for you no matter where you are?

What will you learn from this webinar:

  • Application to SME industries such as packaging industry, metal fabrication industry, food and beverage processing and agriculture
  • Connect: Criteria and infrastructures to connect to manufacturing machines (new and legacy).
  • Visualize: Useful data that can be visualized from your manufacturing machines and process.
  • ProAct: Actions to be triggered basic and extended.

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  • Passionate with learning and teaching personality in a Malaysian LLC (Local Large Corporation) with a combined 20 years of working experience in the electronics industry.
  • Ecosystem development & project management for Industry 4.0 with ViTrox's digital dashboard and AI analytics (V-ONE) worldwide.
  • Leadership role in global marketing for ViTrox team in branding, digital marketing and industry 4.0 engagement.
  • Lead and mentor the Business Development team in leadership and management for Automated Board Inspection (ABI) Business Unit for Asia Pacific region.

  • Combined of 20 years' working experience in the various kind of industries such as Metal Fabrication, F&B, SMT, Administrative, Consultancy and Servicing Sector.
  • Experience of involvement in Administrative and Manufacturing related for SME companies, providing solution and support of company operation and process flow.
  • Experience by giving coach and guidance on various technology solutions, knowledge sharing, collaboration with partners.
  • Focusing on future-proofing business operations through digital transformation and IoT related applications for industrial markets.