| July 14, 2021 3:00-4:00 pm MYT

Nowadays, everyone is trying to achieve zero defects and a smart manufacturing process. Through this webinar, ViTrox will bring you to walk through current challenges faced by the industry and how ViTrox's machine vision inspection solution could address these challenges. Also, ViTrox will also present to you the latest technology roadmap of ViTrox's machine vision inspection solutions for the back-end semiconductor industry.

In this webinar, you will learn the tips for

Key challenges in the back-end semiconductor manufacturing process.

Benefits of upgrading your current vision inspection system

ViTrox’s Machine Vision System Product Roadmap

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Over 15 years of working experience in Semiconductor Final Test area.
  • Currently managing the global business relations with test handler maker, strategic channel partners and end users.
  • Experience in customer support for machine vision solution in the final test area by providing best CAPA to solve the production and process challenges.
  • Passionate in getting new idea and feedback from customers, and provide most cost effective solution to customers.
  • Putting together New Product Introduction (NPI) to address the packages development and roadmap in semiconductor field.
  • Specialize in providing customized solutions to suit customer production and process need.

10 years working experience in ViTrox & actively working with regional sales personnel to generate sales leads.
  • Managing the global business relations involving Machine Vision Inspection Solutions.
  • Experience in retrofit machine upgrade assessment to provide cost effect vision solutions.
  • Putting together solutions to address customer demands and requirements.

Graduated with honours in Management degree, Major in Marketing from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).
  • Responsible and managing Machine Vision Inspection Solution orders in the team.
  • Passionate in a new field and area relative to vision inspection.
  • Virtual Speaker for Semicon China 2021@ViTrox booth.