| October 21, 2021 3:00-4:00 pm MYT
As technology progresses and becomes more interwoven, big data can come from myriad sources such as social data, machine data. transactional data. As a result, effectively leveraging big data can provide priceless insights and competitive advantages.

Beyond manufacturing intelligence, V-ONE was designed to connect to big data from cloud, fog or edge for analysis, with fully flexible visualization drill-down charts and flexible dashboard to provide meaningful analytics to users on a real-time basis and extend the platform towards complete data feeding for Artificial Intelligence processing.

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Through this virtual workshop, we will guide participants on how to use V-ONE from A till Z.
  1. Introduction of data blending and connect to data sources
  2. Create interactive visualization
  3. Analyze data with V-ONE
  4. E-Ticketing introduction and overview
  5. Real time alert with Workflow deployment


  • Provides professional IR 4.0 consultancy and solution to industry by using V-ONE for data visualization and using AI Machine Learning models for predictive modelling.
  • Experienced in working with Data Analytics tools and MES Systems and doing implementation based on customer requests.
  • Designed various dashboards using V-ONE such as Machine Downtime, OEE, CPK and Market Sales based on the data given by the customers.
  • Created workflow in V-ONE to predict potential root cause and suggested solution for any machine downtime.
  • Implemented alerts using JavaScript components in V-ONE to trigger scheduled emails and push notifications.
  • Knowledge in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Developed an End-to-End Deep Learning system for Self-Driving Vehicle system for his final year project and also represented Malaysia 4 times in International Competitions.
  • Knowledge in programming skills such as Python, JavaScript and Java.